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Balanz Bike Xtenz XL BF-3

Balanz Bike Xtenz XL BF-3

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Not quite like any bike you have ridden before, the Balanz Bike is steered by leaning right or left. Once stopped pedal this bike backwards to go in reverse. Most adults, even a little over 6 feet tall and around 285 lbs., can ride the kart comfortably!

This three-speed BalanzBike is an extra fun riding and exercising experience for ages 7 to adult. Both the fun and exercise come from the way this unique bike steers, by leaning to one side or the other. The low center of gravity makes slalom driving a blast and before you know it, you've had an incredible cardio workout targeted on the abdominal, leg and buttock muscles. The three-speed drive system allows you to switch gears for up hill climbs or down hill descents, it also allows driving in reverse by pedaling backwards after stopping.


    Hub: BF-3 Hub stands for Brake and Freewheel with three gears; this hub allows the rider to pedal forward, coast with the pedals remaining static, change gears, pedal back slightly to engage the coaster brake, once stopped pedal backwards to go in reverse!

    Wheels: Rubber air filled tires with hybrid tread help to keep the kart rolling smoothly down the road. Rear tubless tires should be filled to around 20 psi, never to exceed 22 psi; front tube tire should be filled to around 35 psi, never to exceed 43 psi.

    Sport Seat: Specially molded black plastic provides a comfortable back and seat. The seat is attached to a steel post that easily slides into square holes in the frame to adjust for longer or shorter legged riders. The sides of the seat bear the BERG name.

    Roll Bar: The rear roll bar keeps you safe, looks cool, and allows you to perfectly store the kart upright. Entering the kart is easy, simply hold one stationary handle in each hand and lower yourself into the comfortable sport seat.
    Recommended for aged 7 and up
    Max Weight 285 lbs
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