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BERG Compact Pink BFR

BERG Compact Pink BFR

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The Compact Pink BFR is suitable for children and adults, 4 years old to 99, and this is accomplished through the adjustable seat that can be placed to 6 different positions. The Compact model does not require a large foot print for storage, it can easily be stored in a small space - great feature for those with space limitation.


  • Swing Axle
  • Heavy Duty Steel Ball Bearings
  • Innovative Steering Mechanism
  • Industrial Strength Frame

BFR-HUB stands for "Brake, Forward, Reverse", and allows the driver to pedal forward, coast with pedals static, pedal back slightly to engage coaster brake, and continue pedaling in reverse to drive backwards. The wheels spin smoothly thanks to ball bearings. This model is equipped with a ball bearing steering mechanism for accurate steering. The robust metal frame complies with the commercial usage requirement.

All materials are tested for chemicals and UV, which guarantee a lot of fun for many years.

And don't forget to accessorize your pedal kart with great options (see BERG accessories below)
  • Compact design, so suitable for limited space.
  • Many years of driving pleasure thanks to the adjustable sports seat (6 positions).
  • Comfortable driving and safety by the back pedal brake.
  • Can be driven forwards and in reverse.
  • Extra safety and playing possibilities thanks to the parking brake.
  • Smoothly spinning wheels thanks to ball bearings.
  • Accurate steering thanks to double ball-bearing steering mechanism.
  • Chain tensioners for easy adjustment.
  • Extendable with many accessories.
  • CE tested.
  • Swing axle
  • Adjustable seat


Length   53''
Width    32''
Height   30''
Weight   79 lb

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