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BERG Buddy Cross

BERG Buddy Cross

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Do you want to stand out and have a daring pedal kart? Then go for the cool BERG Buddy Cross. This sturdy pedal kart stands out due to the duo-tone colors and daring stickers!

Hub: BFR Hub stands for brake, forward and reverse; this hub allows the rider to pedal forward, coast with the pedals remaining static, pedal back slightly to engage the coaster brake and once stopped pedal backwards to go in reverse!
Wheels: Rubber air filled tube tires with an off-road tread keep the kart rolling on dirt roads, grass, or virtually any packed surface. Tires should be filled to around 25 psi, never to exceed 28 psi. Sealed bearings in each of the rims allow the kart to roll effortlessly.
Seat: This seat not only looks great and offers great back support, but it was specifically engineered to be easily adjustable without compromising strength. The seat post easily fits into a hole and the included pin slides through the post to ensure it stays put no matter the terrain you’re driving over.
Options: Some popular accessories for this kart include safety flag, flashing light on pole, siren, trailer junior, horn and LED headlight.

Length 44in.
Width 26in.
Height 25in.
Weight 40lbs.
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